Your Guide To A Smooth MOT In Manchester

A Ministry of Transport test (called MOT in short) is an annual vehicle test designed to ensure that vehicles on UK roads are roadworthy. All vehicles that are older than three years (four years for Northern Ireland) must undergo an annual MOT. The penalties for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate are steep. Here is a quick guide to ensure a smooth and hassle-free MOT.

Basic Facts

There are many centres for conducting MOTs. Some do both testing and repairs and some are just testing centres. Tests are chargeable and the maximum price for each class of vehicle is fixed by the ministry. Some garages offer the test at a discount.

Most MOTs are completed within an hour, but usually, there are many vehicles waiting to be tested and the wait could be longer. Be prepared to manage without your car for the day. The vehicle must have at least a minimum level of fuel and engine oil when it arrives for the test. Many centres allow you to drop your vehicle off at the testing centre.

Although an MOT involves dozens of checks, it’s not a comprehensive check of your car. Even if your car fails the test, there is no compulsion to get any repairs done at the test centre or its associated garage. However, your ability to drive away from the test centre with a vehicle that has failed depends on the nature of the faults and the validity of your current MOT certificate.

12 Common Reasons For MOT Failures

About 40% of vehicles that take MOTs fail in their first attempt. Many of these failures are due to minor problems. Others can be easily detected and fixed during a routine service. Repeat MOTs cost time and money. So, it’s better to ensure that you don’t fail due to silly reasons. Here are some common reasons for MOT failures and possible solutions.

  1. The vehicle was too dirty or cluttered. Remove unnecessary stuff from your car and give it a wet wipe before taking it for the test. Ensure that the windows and windscreens are not dirty.
  1. Windscreen wiper fluid is low or the wipers are non-functional. Ensure that the fluid is topped-up and the wipers are functional (they should actually wipe the windscreen when operated).
  1. Registration plate is damaged or unreadable or does not follow the rules.
  1. Driver’s view is obstructed due to windscreen damage or because something is stuck on it. Don’t put stickers within the wiper’s sweep area.
  1. Warning indication on the dashboard. You should get it resolved before taking the test.
  1. Worn out or incorrectly inflated tyres. Check tyre treads with a coin and ensure correct pressure.
  1. Non-functioning lights and indicators (very often due to worn out bulbs). Check and fix all lights and indicators before taking the test.
  1. Loose or non-functional handbrake.
  1. Malfunctioning seat adjustments.
  1. Damaged or non-functioning seatbelts. Seatbelts should always be in good condition. Latches should be functional and the belt should lock when tugged.
  1. Horn does not work properly.
  1. Exhaust or emission problems. If your car is making abnormal noises or spewing more smoke, get it checked before going for a test.

What Happens After You Fail An MOT?

When you fail the test, the testing agency will give you a certificate listing the faults in the vehicle. Faults are classified as ‘Dangerous’, ‘Major’ or ‘Minor’. No one can drive the vehicle without fixing dangerous faults, but you can have it towed to a garage.

For other faults, it depends on the validity of your previous MOT and whether your car is roadworthy. If your car is roadworthy and your previous MOT certificate is valid, you can use the car until the MOT expires. If your MOT has expired, but your car is roadworthy, you can only drive it to get the faults fixed or for another MOT test. Trying to circumvent these rules could result in a suspension of license, penalty points and a fine of over £2000.

If you live in or around Manchester and your car or van is due for an MOT, call us or complete the short form below to schedule a pick up or bring it to one of our garages in Oldham or Bury. We have professional and independent team to do the tests. The results will be unbiased and you also have the option of getting any issues fixed at our garage though this is entirely up to you. Either way, it will be a hassle-free process.

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