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Specialist German Car Service And Repairs

Volksmaster have extended its expertise to offer specialist services for premium German cars like Mercedes and BMW. This extension of our business gives you a reliable alternative for premium and convenient service of your luxury car without the hassles or the premium prices at the main dealer. Volksmaster is a family run business and we place great importance on customer service.

Porsche Carrera

This is good news for owners of German vehicles in the North Manchester area. Volksmaster is a VAG specialist and we have been offering specialist services for cars in the VAG group like Volkswagen and Audi for many years now. We also have a reputation for providing high-quality service for several makes of vehicles.

The required expertise to provide specialist service for many German cars was already available at Volksmaster. Now, specialist services are provided for all German cars. Volksmaster has all the necessary equipment specific to servicing German cars and our technicians have received specialised training for servicing these high-end vehicles. We also have the required support from the manufacturer in terms of training updates, service bulletins, software updates and genuine spares.

Top German Car Brands In The UK

  1. Volkswagen
    Volkswagen is the renowned German car manufacturer known for producing a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury models. They are known for their reliability, advanced technology and efficient engines. Some popular VW models in include the Golf, Polo and Passat.
  2. BMW
    BMW is a prestigious German automaker celebrated for its sporty and luxurious vehicles. They offer a diverse lineup, including sedans, SUVs and high-performance cars. BMW cars are renowned for their precise handling, elegant design and cutting-edge technology. Models like the 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 are very popular.
  3. Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz is a legendary car brand known for its premium vehicles and innovative features. They specialise in producing luxury sedans, SUVs and sports cars. Mercedes cars are synonymous with comfort, safety and advanced technology. The C-Class, E-Class and GLC are some of their more popular models.
  4. Audi
    Audi is a leading German car manufacturer recognised for its sophisticated design, advanced technology and exceptional performance. They offer a range of vehicles, from compact cars to powerful sports cars and SUVs. Audi cars are appreciated for their stylish aesthetics, refined interiors and impressive driving dynamics. Popular models include the A3, A4 and Q5.
  5. Porsche
    Porsche is a renowned German sports car manufacturer revered for its high-performance and iconic vehicles. They are known for their eye-catching designs, exceptional handling and powerful engines. Porsche cars provide an exhilarating driving experience and models such as the 911, Cayman and Macan have a strong following in the UK.
  6. Mini
    Mini, a subsidiary of BMW, is a beloved German car brand known for its compact and stylish and instantly recognisable vehicles. They are renowned for their retro-inspired design, nimble handling and customisation options. Mini cars offer a blend of practicality and fun, with models like the Mini Cooper and Countryman being popular choices.
  7. Škoda
    Skoda has successfully carved out a niche in the UK automotive market by providing reliable and practical cars with an attractive combination of quality, affordability and modern features. Their popular models include the Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, Skoda Karoq and Skoda Kodiaq, all of which have contributed to their growing popularity among UK car buyers.
  8. Vauxhall
    Vauxhall, is a German car brand that offers a diverse lineup of vehicles. They produce cars ranging from compact city cars to spacious family vehicles and SUVs. Vauxhall cars are recognised for their practicality, comfort and competitive pricing. Models like the Corsa, Astra and Insignia have a strong presence in the UK market.
  9. SEAT
    SEAT is a Spanish car manufacturer that falls under the Volkswagen Group. While not strictly a German brand, SEAT cars have German engineering influence and are quite popular. They are known for their stylish designs, sporty performance and value for money. SEAT models like the Leon, Ibiza and Arona have gained popularity among British car buyers.
  10. Smart
    Smart is a brand owned by Daimler AG (parent company of Mercedes-Benz) that specialises in producing compact city cars. These small and agile vehicles are designed for urban driving and are recognised for their maneuverability, efficiency and unique styling. The Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour are notable models available in the UK.
  11. Alpina
    Alpina is a German car manufacturer that specialises in producing high-performance versions of BMW vehicles. They are recognised for their exclusive models that combine luxury, power and refinement. Alpina cars offer enhanced performance, bespoke design elements and meticulous craftsmanship. Their vehicles undergo extensive modifications to achieve superior driving dynamics and comfort. Alpina models like the Alpina B5 and Alpina XD3 have a devoted following among automotive enthusiasts in the UK.

Your German Car Needs Specialised Service

German BMW

German cars are not just luxury brands or status symbols. They are tough machines with a reputation for high performance, safety and reliability. Special cars like the BMW and Mercedes need special care.

Unlike European or Japanese vehicles, German cars have special systems and components. This makes it very difficult for a general garage to provide perfect service for these high-end vehicles. Besides being highly technical machines, these cars very often have components and systems that vary considerably from model to model. As a result, special diagnostic equipment, special training and maintenance procedures are required. This kind of specialisation will be available only at the dealer or a specialist like Volksmaster.

High-tech electronic systems add to the complexity of German vehicles. A typical German car has over thirty modules controlled by microprocessors. Sophisticated electronics provide a high level of automation, but they are driven by software, which is continually improved. Software upgrades are essential to get the most out of highly automated cars. These upgrades cannot be provided without manufacturer support.

During service or repairs of German vehicles, genuine company parts are available or a high quality alternative. None manufacturer spares are usually cheaper, but they can also be of equal quality. This is not an option that you will get at the main dealer.

The Advantages Of Getting Your German Car Serviced At Volksmaster

German Mercedes

With Volksmaster offering specialist services for your German car, there’s no need to look elsewhere if you live in or around North Manchester, Oldham, Bury and now Heywood. At Volksmaster, you will get expert service and repairs for all German cars. There is no need to take your car to a questionable garage to avoid high prices at the main dealer.

Servicing your car at Volksmaster is easy. You can easily book your appointment online using the form below. You have the option of bringing the car to the garage or we can collect it from your home or office. We will return it to you after the required service or repair. After a service, we will update the digital service records, stamp your service booklet and reset the service indicator. A courtesy car is also available if you need to remain mobile, just choose that option when booking below.

German cars are premium vehicles and it is advisable to service them only at a garage that specialises in servicing German vehicles. For German car repairs in Manchester, trust Volksmaster. Our friendly service team will provide a premium service or repair at a none premium price.

You can book your car or van in for a service, repair or MOT, use the quick quote form below or give us a call at one of our branches, Oldham 0161 624 5060, Heywood on 01706 622633, Bury 0161 761 3030 and our Oldham Van Centre 0161 628 5270. As mentioned above we also offer a highly convenient Collect & Return service or a Courtesy Car to ensure your routine is disrupted as little as possible while your vehicle is serviced, repaired or undergoes an MOT.

Arranging Your Service

Drop your car off
Simply drop your car off with us between 8am and 10am and in most cases your vehicle will be ready for collection the same day between 3.30 and 5.30. Outside these hours you are welcome to park.

Wait with your car
Most servicing and repair work can be done while you wait. If this is your preference we have a superb waiting area equipped with free hot and cold drinks and a interesting viewing area where you can watch our trained technicians working on your vehicle.

Courtesy car
If your vehicle needs to stay with us for 1 day or longer then you are able to pre-book one of our courtesy vehicles to keep you mobile.

Pick up / drop off
The ultimate hassle free solution; one of our drivers will arrange to collect your vehicle from your home or place of work at a pre-arranged time and then return your vehicle when the work is complete. Our service advisors will contact you when the vehicle arrives on site during the day to discuss the progress of the work and then advise you of the time you can expect your vehicle back. Contact our service advisors for more details.

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Specialist German Car Service And Repairs

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