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Petrol Hybrid Cambelt Replacement

Volksmaster now offer petrol hybrid cambelt replacement utilising the VAS 611007 tool. This service was previously only available from the Main Dealer.

The VAG group’s 1.2/1.4/1.5 TSI hybrid engines now require the use of the VAS 611007 camshaft setting tool when changing the cambelt.

This tool is inserted into the rear of the camshafts and allows for precise cam timing adjustments within a 3 degree margin when replacing the cambelt.

If you are having a cambelt replacement on a TSI engine or have noticed an engine warning light after a cambelt replacement, ensure that this tool was utilized.

The device is attached to the rear of the camshafts, the crankshaft is locked with a special locking tool, the cambelt kit is changed, and the camshaft is positioned and locked into place.

Finally, everything is tightened, the engine is turned over, and the alignment is checked again.


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Petrol Hybrid Cambelt Replacement

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