Choosing The Right Volkswagen Garage In Manchester

You are probably wondering if you can take your car or van to any Volkswagen garage in Manchester instead of always going to the main dealer. If you want convenient and affordable VW servicing, the main dealer is not always the best option. You can get the same or a better quality service at a reputable Volkswagen specialist in Manchester at a lower cost. Yet, people often go to the main dealer due to fears over the warranty or resale value. Let’s clear up these misconceptions.

Concerns Over Warranty

People often think that the new vehicle warranty becomes void if the car is serviced at an independent VW garage. This is not true. The law requires all manufacturers to offer at least a two-year warranty for new cars from the registration date to the buyer and any subsequent buyers. The car manufacturer cannot force the owner to get the car serviced at their official dealership. That said, manufacturers can insist on some conditions regarding when and how servicing is done while the car is in warranty.

Manufacturers require that you get your car serviced at specified intervals during the warranty period according to the schedule provided by them. You are also required to ensure that original parts are used and service records are kept. As long as you get your car serviced at the requisite intervals at a good VW garage in Manchester, your warranty will not be affected.

You can rest assured that all manufacturer-specified checks and procedures will be followed and only genuine spares and consumables will be used. Ensure that your service book is duly updated and preserve the bills and receipts carefully as evidence.

Concerns Over Service Quality

People with relatively new cars often worry about the quality of service at independent garages. This concern is related to both the competence of the mechanics and the quality of spares used. Many people believe that the lower servicing cost at independent garages is achieved by cutting corners and using cheap spare parts. This is not entirely unfounded, but as long as you are confident about the garage, you need not worry about the quality.

If you take your Volkswagen to a VAG specialist in Manchester, you can rest assured that there will be no compromise on service quality. Most mechanics at such specialist garages have previously worked at one of the official dealerships or are trained by the manufacturer. They are familiar with the procedures and servicing standards that the company expects. Most garages offer two different service options, one for cars in warranty and another for older cars. In both cases, you can be assured of detailed checkups, the best quality spares and thorough repairs.

Concerns Over Resale Value

It’s true that getting your car serviced at the official dealership helps retain its value, but this is not the only requirement. The potential buyer of your car is more interested in knowing whether you have serviced your car at the specified intervals or mileage points as recommended by the manufacturer.

The buyer will also want to know if your car has met with any major accidents or has undergone any major repair work. As long as you use a reputed Volkswagen garage and get your car serviced on time, it will retain its resale value. In any case, the impact of service history on the resale value of a car is significant only when the car is less than five years old.

There is no doubt that you get good quality Volkswagen service at the company dealerships, but it’s often expensive and inconvenient. The only exception is when the service is free. Manufacturers usually provide a couple of complementary services for new cars. Any warranty repairs must also be performed at the official dealer garage. For all other service requirements, you can use any reputed Volkswagen garage in Manchester. You will get good quality personalised service at a lower cost.

If you need a Volkswagen service in the Manchester area, contact our garage in Oldham or Bury. Or complete our simple form below. We are Volkswagen specialists and you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive a dealer quality service or better at a much lower price. You will also get your service book and digital service records updated. Ask about our highly convenient collection, service and return program.

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