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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Volkswagen Van

When your business depends on commercial vehicles, the way you use and maintain them is critical for your day-to-day operations and profitability. Many businesses suffer needlessly because they don’t pay adequate attention to their vehicles. If Volkswagen vans make up most of your fleet, you have made a smart choice by investing in one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. Follow these Volkswagen commercial servicing tips to get the most out of your fleet.

Don’t Overload Your Vans

A study conducted by Volkswagen in 2015 showed that about 50% of the vans on UK roads are routinely overloaded. Overloading is illegal and the authorities are serious about discouraging it. You may get away with a fine for minor overloading. For more severe overloading, things can get serious. You may get a court summons or your van could be impounded.

The law is not the only issue. Overloading is a safety risk and it will also increase wear. Besides increasing your running costs, overloading could result in major breakdowns. The service intervals and guidelines given in your Volkswagen van service manual assume that you are operating the vehicle within its rated capacity. When you buy a new van, be sure about its capacity and suitability for your application.

Exteriors Matter

Your van is not just another tool in your business, it’s a moving advertisement. The appearance of your van tells a lot about your business and its work culture. A dirty, dented or rusty van is never going to make a good impression. Keep your vans clean and attractive.

Keep An Eye On Running Costs

Once you have invested in a fleet, you must keep a careful watch on running costs else they can eat into your profits. Fuel efficiency, the rate of wear and tear and the number of miles between services affect running costs. Keep track of these parameters and compare them for different periods and with similar vehicles in your fleet. This will help you spot problems like overloading and poor driving habits.

Never Compromise Safety

Ensure that all essential safety measures like reversing cameras, hill hold assist and airbags are installed. Tyres should be inflated to the pressure that Volkswagen recommends for a full load. This information is available near the driver’s door or on the fuel cap. Low tyre pressures result in poor fuel economy and faster tyre wear. Overinflated tyres will affect traction besides making the ride bumpy and uncomfortable. If your vehicles are frequently operated in peak winter conditions like early morning or at night, consider using winter tyres during the cold season.

Don’t Neglect Driver Comfort

Don’t try to save costs by compromising driver comfort. If your van feels and drives like a thirty-year old pickup, expect your drivers to treat it like one. Your fleet should be in good condition with comfortable air-conditioned cabins. The extra expense is worth it because your drivers will be more productive and will treat your vans with the care that they deserve.

Reliability Is Critical

The importance of reliability cannot be understated. If your fleet is unreliable, your customer service will take a beating. About half the new light commercial vehicles in the UK fail their first MoT. Very often, this is due to easily fixed problems like worn tyres, brakes or suspensions. Bad bulbs, wipers and depleted fluids also result in test failures. Most of these issues are detected and fixed in a routine service at a good Volkswagen van garage.

Get Your Van Serviced At A Reliable Garage

Take your vans for periodic service at a good Volkswagen van service centre that gives you a fast turnaround and provides economical and quality service. Volkswagen van repairs are also best done in company approved garages. They use high-quality spares and have the right equipment and trained technicians to keep your fleet in peak condition.

If you are looking for Volkswagen van service in Manchester, bring your vehicle to our van centre at Oldham. We offer competitive VW van service prices without any quality compromise. You will keep your VW transporter service costs in control and get the most out of your commercial vehicle or fleet.

Take a look at our VW van servicing prices.

Arranging Your Service

Drop your car off
Simply drop your car off with us between 8am and 10am and in most cases your vehicle will be ready for collection the same day between 3.30 and 5.30. Outside these hours you are welcome to park.

Wait with your car
Most servicing and repair work can be done while you wait. If this is your preference we have a superb waiting area equipped with free hot and cold drinks and a interesting viewing area where you can watch our trained technicians working on your vehicle.

Courtesy car
If your vehicle needs to stay with us for 1 day or longer then you are able to pre-book one of our courtesy vehicles to keep you mobile.

Pick up / drop off
The ultimate hassle free solution; one of our drivers will arrange to collect your vehicle from your home or place of work at a pre-arranged time and then return your vehicle when the work is complete. Our service advisors will contact you when the vehicle arrives on site during the day to discuss the progress of the work and then advise you of the time you can expect your vehicle back. Contact our service advisors for more details.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Volkswagen Van

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