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What You Should Know About Your Car’s Gearbox

Vehicles can be daunting when you do not know what’s causing an issue. Unless you are mechanically inclined, chances are you will head off to your local mechanic and have it checked out. In the meantime, here are some issues that can arise from your gearbox that you should be aware of.

The gearbox, often referred to as the transmission, takes power from the engine via the driveshaft and sends it to the tyres. The gearbox is a critical part because it allows your car to move. That means your gearbox must always be in great condition if you plan to ever drive your car again.

By keeping up with regular maintenance, getting the oil changed, if you have a manual gearbox, shift gently. You shouldn’t have any issues. That said, just like all the mechanical parts of a vehicle, sooner or later there will be some form of failure. It’s a good idea to know about all transmission issues so you can be on top of it should something happen.

Here are some of the most common gearbox issues and how you can prevent them from happening or get them properly fixed.

The 2 Kinds Of Transmissions

Car Transmission Service

First, there are 2 kinds of transmissions, manual and automatic. While they can have different issues, they work similarly so this article will be discussing issues that cover both kinds of transmissions.

The Gear Does Not Respond Or Engage

The inside of the gearbox is very, very hot and this is where the transmission oil comes into play by cooling everything down and reducing friction. If your car is not responding when you put it in gear, chances are your transmission fluid is low. In other cases, your Transmission Control Module (TCM) is not working properly. You can try to refresh the electronic control unit. If that doesn’t work, take your car to a professional certified mechanic to find out what’s going on.

The Gear Makes Noises When In Neutral

When you shift and your transmission makes noises like grinding, clunking or whining, there is something very wrong with your vehicle. The gearbox should never make any sounds, especially when in neutral. Sounds coming from the gearbox could be a minor issue but the odds are you are facing serious repairs which will not be cheap. You should take your vehicle to your nearest mechanic and keep your fingers crossed!

You Experience Burning Smells

If you are driving along and experience something burning in your car, you should be very concerned. This is not a good sign and usually means your transmission fluid is overheating. The fluid in your gearbox can overheat very easily, especially if the fluid has been in the system for a long time.

Note: Change the fluid regularly! If you think something is burning, immediately stop your car and allow it to cool down. Once cooled down, open the bonnet and check the transmission fluid level. The measuring stick should be located in the front or side of the engine, depending on your car’s model. If the fluid levels are low, refill the transmission with a high-quality fluid so the burning smells will be gone.

The Gears Are Slipping

This is probably the most common occurrence for both a manual and automatic transmissions. You try to engage the gear but it slips into neutral or into low gear. This can be very frustrating but if you are on a highway, it can be very dangerous. If you have a manual transmission, it could be caused by clutch failure. If you have an automatic transmission, the ECU could be the problem. A complete ECU refresh could solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Does The Engine Light Work Properly?

The engine light can come on due to several reasons including transmission failure. The light is activated by the ECU when it senses an issue in the gearbox. You should never ignore the engine light. If you ignore the light not coming on when it should, you could be facing high repair costs later on.

Fluid Leakage

Gearbox Oil Change

Transmission fluid can leak for any number of reasons. A foreign object, like a rock, could hit the gearbox and damage it. Whatever the reason, your warning light will come on indicating low levels of transmission fluid. If you notice a pinkish-red liquid dripping down to the ground under your car, you need to get your car to a mechanic quickly.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, you have no control when it comes to experiencing transmission issues. The point is, it’s really important you do not ignore a situation that has surfaced. Never ignore warning lights, sounds, smells or other signs. Pushing issues aside will only make matters worse. If you do not know what is causing the problem, get your vehicle to a certified mechanic and get it fixed. If you put these warning signs on the back burner, you might be looking at serious issues later on that will end out costing you dearly.

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Arranging Your Service

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What You Should Know About Your Car’s Gearbox

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