Vehicle Inspection – A Must Before Buying A Used Car

A used car can save you a lot of money, but it makes sense to spend a few pounds on vehicle inspection. Don’t get taken in by the low price, mileage or the external appearance of the car. Only a thorough check by an expert can reveal potential problems. Buying a defective vehicle will be a costly mistake in the long run. It’s best to get it inspected at a good garage.

The Risk Of Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car with reasonable mileage and price makes sense if it is in good condition. There are several advantages besides the lower investment. Most of the depreciation in vehicle value occurs during the first three or four years. With a used car, further erosion in value will be very low. A lower price also translates into lower interest costs and smaller insurance premiums. But, all these advantages come with a huge potential problem. You can never be sure about the condition of the vehicle.

Unless you personally know the previous owner, you can never be sure about maintenance claims. There is also the risk that the vehicle has been through a major accident. This is a real possibility if the deal seems too good to be true. Unless an expert looks at the car, you will never know if it’s a good buy or worth the price.

What Is Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection is a detailed check by an expert to assess its condition. It includes a road test. A vehicle inspection at a good garage should reveal the following.

  1. Condition of the engine and major systems
  2. Evidence of neglect or poor servicing
  3. Evidence of damage caused by major accidents
  4. Safety issues
  5. Potential maintenance problems
  6. An estimate of the time or mileage before major repairs could become necessary.

The Advantages Of Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection allows you to make an informed buying decision. If you know the defects, you can get repairs done immediately after the purchase. If a defect is covered under the new vehicle or dealer service warranty, you can get it fixed before the warranty expires. Knowing what you are buying also helps you negotiate a better price. You could ask the previous owner to get it repaired or a discount to cover all or part of the repairs.

Why An MOT Is Not A Replacement For Vehicle Inspection

Cars older than three years in the UK are required to take an annual MOT test. An MOT includes a number of checks, but it’s of little help when you are buying a used car. Passing the test and obtaining an MOT certificate only proves that the car was roadworthy at the time of the test.

The focus during MOT tests is on vehicle safety and pollution control. The authorities are not really concerned about the condition of the vehicle unless it compromises health, safety or emission norms.

DIY Car Inspections Will Not Do

Modern cars are complex machines with many interconnected systems. Even an expert will not be able to check a vehicle without proper equipment. So, an untrained person doing a visual check and detecting major problems is out of the question. Using checklists found on the internet will also not work. You can use these methods as an initial check before you shortlist the car for purchase. Even if you know someone who is a mechanic, he or she will not have the equipment necessary to do a thorough check. That’s why even specialists like Volksmaster will not perform an inspection unless the car is brought to the garage.

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