The Best Options For Mini Servicing In Manchester

If you own a Mini, you have the solid quality and backing that comes from a top-end manufacturer like BMW. Not only is the Mini a cute car to look at, it’s fast, efficient and fun to drive. Besides the superior ride quality, you get great mileage and good resale value. To preserve these benefits, your Mini needs a periodic service at a quality-conscious garage. If you are looking for Mini servicing in Manchester our Volksmaster specialist garages in Oldham and Bury will keep your car in peak condition.

Your Mini Will Tell You When It Needs Attention

It’s easy to tell when your Mini needs a service due to the service indicator installed in the vehicle. Depending on the age of your car, it’s fitted either with the Condition Based Servicing (CII) or Service Indicator Level (SSI) indicators.

For newer cars with the CII system, an icon will appear on your dashboard when your car needs a service and it will also indicate the exact nature of the service required or the component that has to be checked or replaced. This helps you to keep your car in peak condition with just the right servicing depending on your usage pattern.

For older cars with the SSI system, the mileage and the time elapsed since previous services are monitored. When a service is due, an icon appears on the dashboard indicating the type of service required. Sometimes it’s just an oil change or a brake pad replacement. At other times, your car may be due for a more comprehensive service or inspection.

Main dealer servicing is expensive and often inconvenient because you may not have a dealer garage close by. If you live in or around Manchester, there are great advantages in taking your car to a Mini specialist like our Volksmaster garages in Oldham or Bury.

The Advantages Of Getting Your Mini Serviced At Volksmaster

1: Trained technicians

Your Mini will be in the safe hands of our expert technicians with vast experience in servicing Mini, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and other premium cars. You can rest assured that your Mini will get the benefit of expert servicing and the care it deserves.

2: Genuine parts and approved consumables

At Volksmaster, we use only manufacturer supplied parts if your Mini is under warranty, which is required to keep the warranty valid. After the warranty period, you can either opt for manufacturer supplied parts or equally good OEM parts. The OEM spares we use are slightly cheaper, but are as good as or better than manufacturer supplied spares in compatibility, quality and performance. We only use oils and consumables of the right specifications. Using high quality spares and consumables ensures great performance and preserves the resale value of your Mini.

3: Convenience

With Volksmaster, servicing is never a headache because you have many convenient options to choose from. You can drop your Mini at our garage and pick it up when it is ready. You can also wait while your car is being serviced because most servicing won’t take too much time. If you decide to wait, you can relax in our viewing area and watch our technicians working on your car.

If you don’t have the time to bring your car for a service, we can pick it up for you. We will pick your car up right from your home or office and return it after service. Once the car arrives at our garage, our technician will call you to discuss the service and any related issues. In the rare instance when your car must stay at our garage overnight, you can book one of our free courtesy cars to keep yourself mobile.

4: High quality at reasonable rates

While we never cut corners, our prices are cheaper than the dealer garage. You will get the same dealer-quality service and your car will give you the same ride quality and reliability.

If you are looking for Mini servicing in Manchester, the Volksmaster garage is your best option. Bring your car to one of our Mini specialist garages whenever it needs a service and we will ensure that it stays in peak condition. We have garages in Oldham and Bury. Call us for an appointment, our garage telephone numbers can be found at the bottom of the page, or complete the quick and easy contact form just below.

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