The Advantages Of A Good Volkswagen Garage

When it comes to Volkswagen servicing in Manchester, you have the options of going to the official dealership, a Volkswagen specialist in Manchester or one of the several general independent garages. The dealership will usually prove costly and the quality of servicing at independent garages can be questionable. The smartest option is to go to a VAG specialist. You will get top-class service and pay less.

Your Volkswagen Needs Quality Servicing

If you own an older vehicle, you may be tempted to get it serviced at the local independent garage to save money. In most cases, your car won’t get anything beyond the routine oil change unless you specifically tell them about a problem. You can never be sure that the oil and other consumables used comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. The spare parts used are likely to be cheap alternatives to original parts. In due course of time, wear and tear and problems caused by cheap replacements could result in poor performance, poor safety, inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs.

If your car is still under warranty and you opt for servicing at non-approved garages, you risk losing the warranty benefits. Manufacturers require specific checks and replacements during the warranty period that non-approved garages may not follow. You are also required to use genuine VW spares. Cutting corners can result in a costly repair, which will usually involve replacing all spurious parts and fixing any consequential damage.

Whether your car is new or old, the best and most economical option is an approved Volkswagen garage in Manchester. You will get good service that will keep your warranty valid and your car running like new for years.

What Can You Expect During Volkswagen Servicing?

Manufacturers give a schedule of checks and replacements that need to be performed during periodic service. The scope of a routine service depends on the age of the vehicle, mileage and the usage conditions.

Most servicing will include a change of engine oil and the air filter. Other fluids like transmission oil, power steering oil, brake oil, coolant and windscreen wiper fluid may need to be checked, topped up or replaced. The brake pads, the braking system, condition of the tyres and the battery will also be checked to ensure that the vehicle is reliable and safe. Any issues that you report will also be investigated and rectified if required.

Advantages Of Using A Volkswagen Specialist In Manchester

Unlike the company dealership, which receives many cars for servicing every day, independent garages offer a more personalised service. You can see your car while it is being serviced if you choose to. You can talk to the mechanics, which means you know what is being done and why. Most of the mechanics at VAG specialist garages are trained by the company and some of them might have previously worked at the company dealership. With a VAG specialist, your car is in good hands.

With VAG specialists, you have a choice of either the company-specified service or an in-house service. For cars under warranty, the manufacturer-specified service is required and original replacements have to be used. The cost will be usually less than the main dealer price for an equivalent service.

If your car is out of warranty, you can choose between the company-approved or the in-house service. For cars out of warranty, the in-house version is preferable. Besides being cheaper, the service is likely to be more tuned to your usage pattern and car history. While not exactly according to the manufacturer’s specification, it does not diminish the quality of your car in any way. All the required checks are done and only OEM parts, which are of the same quality as company-provided spares, are used.

An independent VW specialist garage is your best option for Volkswagen servicing in Manchester. Besides getting excellent service at the best price, you will also get the VAG specialist stamp on the service book, which helps maintain the resale value of your car.

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