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Known Issues With The Seat Leon

Seat Leon has become a prominent car on European and UK roads since 1999. This compact hatchback is available in 3-door and 5-door models. It was originally designed using different components from Volkswagen along with manufacturer parts from other pedigree and small cars including the Audi A3 and Golf MK4.

We will go over some issues found with the Seat Leon both new and used.

Seat Leon Engine Problems

Seat Leon Engine

There are several known problems with Leon’s engine so it’s important to take a test drive to ensure the engine is running as it should and not having the following issues:

Pipes and hoses have been known to break caused by heat damage creating small leaks or can burst under pressure.

Oil and smoke are indicators that your turbo could be on the edge of failing. Water pumps and camshafts should be replaced every 60,000 miles. If this problem has happened more often than it should, you need to check to see if these parts have been replaced or should be replaced.

Carbon deposits appearing on the intake ports and runner flaps on the intake manifold are clear signs of performance problems with the vehicle.

If the car is idling then, take the car for a test drive. If you believe high idling is going on, chances are the coolant sensor is failing.

Problems With The Indicators

Seat Leon Indicator

This can be an issue that is difficult to detect. Do not rely on the clicking noise coming from the dash as a sign that the signals are working properly. You should physically view that the light is coming on as it should. This was a problem with cars manufactured between 2016 and 2018. You need to get the problem resolved and repaired at a garage to reprogram the onboard network control.

Airbag Issues

Seat Leon Interior

You should keep an eye out on the dashboard if the airbag warning light remains on. If yes, there is a good chance there is a problem with the wiring under the driver’s seat which has been known to fail. In most cases, the airbag is not affected but if you purchase a used car, you should consider getting it rewired.

Entrance Of Water

Keep an eye out if you notice mould and dampness along with wet patches in the front footwells. It could mean the seal between the A-pillar and the door is not properly installed. To correct the problem you may have to replace the seal and then wait for the carpet to dry before finding out if the leakage is still there.


Change ABS Sensor

If you notice a problem with the brakes when behind the wheel, the electronic stability programme hardware is not operating properly. The worst-case scenario is a car manufactured between August 2008 and May 2010. During that time, there were problems with the ABS system failing. Another problem could be the ABS pump causing the dashboard lights to come on.

The Flywheel

If you have issues with the gearstick, there have been problems with the clutch and dual mass flywheel causing the car to get stuck in second gear. In first gear, there is a lot of torque transmitted to the drive wheels. When you apply some gas, the car will jerk forward. Some owners have reported lunging forward while others have reported that the gearbox can get stuck in first or second gear on manuals.

Moisture In The Lights

Pay attention to the lights in the back of the car. If the seals are wearing out, there is a good chance there is condensation forming in the lights. This is easy enough to repair by replacing the seals.

The Suspension

Seat Leon Suspension

Test your suspension by performing a low-speed brake test. Worn-out bushes on the lower suspension coils will cause a rocking motion in the car when you come to a stop. You can replace the bushes with polyurethane parts.


Across the board, the Seat Leon is not the most dependable or reliable car on the road but it’s not a bad choice either. In reviews, this car has come in around the middle of the road in reliability. Keep in mind, the petrol engine is considered much safer than the diesel version which has at least 4 times more faults.

The Seat Leon has been a very popular car for several years and there are no signs this will change.

If you believe your Seat Leon may need a repair, you suspect a fault or you are considering a service or MOT, you can book your vehicle in to one of our 4 branches by using the simple form below or give us a call at Oldham 0161 624 5060, Heywood on 01706 622633, Bury 0161 761 3030 and our Oldham Van Centre 0161 628 5270.

We also offer a highly convenient Collect & Return service or a Courtesy Car to ensure your routine is disrupted as little as possible while your vehicle is serviced, repaired or undergoes an MOT.

Arranging Your Service

Drop your car off
Simply drop your car off with us between 8am and 10am and in most cases your vehicle will be ready for collection the same day between 3.30 and 5.30. Outside these hours you are welcome to park.

Wait with your car
Most servicing and repair work can be done while you wait. If this is your preference we have a superb waiting area equipped with free hot and cold drinks and a interesting viewing area where you can watch our trained technicians working on your vehicle.

Courtesy car
If your vehicle needs to stay with us for 1 day or longer then you are able to pre-book one of our courtesy vehicles to keep you mobile.

Pick up / drop off
The ultimate hassle free solution; one of our drivers will arrange to collect your vehicle from your home or place of work at a pre-arranged time and then return your vehicle when the work is complete. Our service advisors will contact you when the vehicle arrives on site during the day to discuss the progress of the work and then advise you of the time you can expect your vehicle back. Contact our service advisors for more details.

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Known Issues With The Seat Leon

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