Dealer vs. Volkswagen And Audi Specialist – Which One Is Better?

It’s not a good idea to get an expensive car like the Audi or Volkswagen serviced at just any garage. The stakes are too high. With a high-end car, you need top-quality service and company support. Not all garages qualify at that level.

For trusted Volkswagen and Audi service in Manchester, you really have only two choices: a dealer garage or a Volkswagen specialist or Audi specialist garage. Both dealers and specialists provide excellent service. So, which one should you choose?

The Advantages Of Using A Dealer

At the Volksawagen or Audi dealer garage, you need not worry about technical competence or service quality. All dealers are well equipped and have expert mechanics competent to service your premium car. Quality of spares is not an issue because only company-approved spares and consumables are used.

You need not worry about post-service issues because most services come with a warranty. With the dealer, there is no question of voiding your new car warranty as long as you get it serviced on time.

Dealer garages enjoy excellent manufacturer support, which includes easy availability of spares, latest technical information, software and periodic training for mechanics. Your car will have the latest software because software upgrades are performed at each service.

Your service book and digital service history will show that you got your car serviced regularly at a good garage, which will ensure good resale value. Dealer prices for most services are more or less fixed. So, there is no negotiation involved.

Although the dealer garage is a good place to get your car serviced, there are some disadvantages that can make a big hole in your pocket in the long run.

Disadvantages Of A Dealer Garage

The cost of labour and spares at the dealer garage is normally well above what you can expect at an independent garage. The rates are usually specified by the manufacturer. Dealers may give a slight discount to compete with other dealers, but the cost of service will still be way above other garages.

Dealers use only company-approved spares. This may not be a wise choice for older cars that are well outside their warranty. OEM parts with the same quality are usually available at lower prices.

The price difference between dealers and other garages becomes more apparent when your car needs a major repair. For cars under five years, major repairs are rarely required. But, as your car gets older, you can expect a major repair every few years.

Dealers generally prefer to replace major components instead of trying to repair them. So, if your gearbox or automatic transmission starts giving trouble, the dealer will usually suggest a replacement instead of exploring the possibility of a repair. This can make a huge difference in the bill.

Dealers often upsell by recommending extra work that may not make sense for your car or usage pattern. They are not mentioned in the manufacturer’s service schedule, but are recommended as being beneficial. If you don’t know much about automobiles, you are likely to take the bait and spend more.

The Advantages Of A Volkswagen Audi Specialist

With a Volkswagen Audi specialist garage like Volksmaster, you get the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of a dealer garage and the lower prices, convenience and personalised service of an independent garage.

Specialists charge lower rates than dealers. They also give you a wider choice of spares. You can replace a company approved spare with an OEM spare. These factors translate into an immediate cost advantage. View our Audi servicing cost and Volkswagen servicing cost now to consider the savings.

Unlike the dealer garage, where you are likely to meet different mechanics on each visit, you are likely to meet the same team at a specialist garage. Due to their lower customer base, they know their customers and their cars better than a dealer. They can then in turn offer a more personalised service.

Specialists offer convenient service options like car collection and delivery, courtesy car and comfortable waiting areas. Due to lower volumes, specialists are able to provide more attention to each customer. If you have a problem with your car, you can expect a thorough investigation and accurate diagnosis.

Specialists try to repair a faulty component where feasible before suggesting a replacement. This can translate into major savings if an expensive component of your car fails.

At the specialist, when additional work is recommended, you can be sure that it will make sense for your car and your usage pattern. Your service adviser will also explain in detail why a particular treatment makes sense in your case.

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