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MPVs, SUVs and 4X4s

Here at Volksmaster we think driving a 4x4, SUV or MPV should be as comfortable as possible, and so should your vehicle servicing experience .We have a dedicated branch which caters for SUV, MPV AND 4X4 Vehicles. We have all the correct equipment and ramps to carry out the necessary service and repairs. 4x4 and SUV vehicles have more additional equipment on them than the average car, so when it comes to maintenance its hard finding someone with the correct equipment or knowledge to maintain your vehicle. Volksmaster can offer you confidence that your Audi q7 or Volkswagen Touareg is in expert hands.

SUV Prices

Servicing Interim Full Major Fuel Filter Spark Plugs
VW Toureg £185.00 £285.00 £330.00 £60.00
AUDI Q7 £185.00 £285.00 £330.00 £60.00
AUDI Q7 V12 £185.00 £285.00 £330.00 £60.00 £80.00
AUDI Q5 – Up To & Inc. 2.0l £156.00 £235.00 £275.00 £40.00 £60.00
AUDI Q5/SQ5 3.0 Diesel £185.00 £285.00 £330.00 £60.00 £80.00

All SUV/MPV prices include VAT.

Specialist MPV, SUV & 4x4 Service

Air Suspension Repairs
New generation 4x4 and SUV vehicles have air suspension. Adaptive air suspension is designed to take the stress of your vehicles suspension and increase driving comfort when driven over different terrains. Volksmaster specialises in air suspension service and repairs.

Gearbox and Engine Change
We have dedicated technicians who specialises in 4x4 repairs to gearboxes and engines.

Interior and Exterior Electrics Diagnostics
These models have more and more equipment which means more and more electrics which occasionally crops up with the niggly issues. We can carry out accurate diagnostic using dealer software which saves on un-necessary costs.

Wheel Hunter Hawkeye Alignment

Our Hunter Alignment system is state of the art with yearly updates keeps us up to date to be able to align you 4X4 vehicle, this adjust camber , caster and toe which saves you money on fuel and tyre consumption as we know this matters with the bigger vehicles.

Digital Servicing

The Digital Service Schedule is the new way of recording and protecting your VW/Audi service history. All vehicles built from November 2012 onwards will now have their entire service history stored electronically in a secure online database. Your Volksmaster Branch will provide you with a print-out of the service record each time you visit.

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