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Mini Repairs In Manchester

The Mini Cooper is a cute and fun car to drive. With regular service, it should give you long and trouble-free service. However, things can sometimes go wrong. If you are looking for Mini repairs in Manchester, get in touch with Volksmaster. We are Mini specialists in Manchester. Here are some common Mini Cooper problems, which will give you an idea of what to expect.

Coolant Leaks

If you get a chemical smell from the heater vents or the front of your car, you probably have a coolant leak. You may also notice the accumulation of coloured fluid under the front of your car after it is parked for a while.

If you suspect a coolant leak, get your car repaired without delay. Meanwhile, drive only short distances and keep an eye on the temperature gauge. Coolant loss can cause your engine to overheat and seize. If this happens, you will need a new engine, which will cost thousands of pounds.

Get the coolant system checked and fixed every 80,000 km and you are unlikely to face any unexpected coolant issues. When a leak occurs, it is usually due to a faulty water pump, but you can’t rule out leaks from the thermostat housing or radiator. If the location of the leak is not obvious, it will take a bit of diagnosis to find it.

Be careful while parking your Mini Cooper. Due to lower ground clearance, some components like the coolant hose and radiator support can get damaged if you hit the curb. If this happens, you have to get the damaged components replaced. Coolant leaks can be costly to repair depending on which components are affected, but there is no choice.

Mini Cooper Engine Oil Problems

Cars like the Mini, Audi and BMW have extended oil change periods of about 25000 km. Some car owners are under the mistaken belief that oil levels need not be checked periodically. Instead, they depend on their car’s “low oil” indicator to tell them when an oil change is required.

The problem here is that it’s a pressure indicator and not an oil level indicator. By the time it lights up, the engine is starved of oil and damage is already taking place. Bearings, piston rings and valve train guides start wearing out, and small oil passages start getting blocked. The usual result is a costly, but avoidable repair. This won’t happen if the oil level is checked and topped up every 5000 km.

In Mini Cooper with direct injection engines, carbon deposits will accumulate on the intake valves if good-quality oil is not used or if oil levels go low. You may get symptoms like an illuminated check engine light and engine misfires. Don’t depend on low oil indicators. Get the oil level checked during every service.

Steering And Transmission Problems

Power steering pumps sometimes fail in Mini Coopers. A replacement will be required. Early clutch failure can also occur, but this is usually due to rough use. If the clutch can’t be repaired it must be replaced.

Automatic transmission problems can occur in cars with high mileage. The problem is less likely if the transmission fluid is replaced every 50,000 to 65,000 km. For CVTs, the fluid should be checked and replaced more often. A bad transmission can also cause timing chain problems.

Timing Chain Problems

Rattling timing chain is not uncommon in older Minis. You may hear a rattling sound coming from the front right of the car, which is worse immediately after starting. This problem should be checked and repaired without delay. If the chain slips, major engine damage will occur and a costly repair is the result.

Replacing or repairing the timing chain is also a complicated and costly job. In some cases, the manufacturer does this for free. If you are in Manchester, bring your car to the Volksmaster garage and we will guide you.

Other Problems

If your Mini has a VVT engine, oil should be checked and topped up regularly. Sludge can block oil pathways and create problems.

Minis, like Audi and BMW, are factory fitted with high performance tyres. Although they give superior performance, their life tends to be shorter than standard tyres. Expect to replace them every 35 to 50 thousand kilometres.

Are you having problems with your Mini, Audi or BMW? Get your car checked by a specialist garage. For car repairs in Manchester, contact one of our garages in Oldham or Bury. Repairs at Volksmaster are cheaper than the dealer garage but with the same or higher quality of service. Your warranty will be preserved and service records will be updated. Just complete the short form below to make a booking and we’ll do the rest.

Arranging Your Service

Drop your car off
Simply drop your car off with us between 8am and 10am and in most cases your vehicle will be ready for collection the same day between 3.30 and 5.30. Outside these hours you are welcome to park.

Wait with your car
Most servicing and repair work can be done while you wait. If this is your preference we have a superb waiting area equipped with free hot and cold drinks and a interesting viewing area where you can watch our trained technicians working on your vehicle.

Courtesy car
If your vehicle needs to stay with us for 1 day or longer then you are able to pre-book one of our courtesy vehicles to keep you mobile.

Pick up / drop off
The ultimate hassle free solution; one of our drivers will arrange to collect your vehicle from your home or place of work at a pre-arranged time and then return your vehicle when the work is complete. Our service advisors will contact you when the vehicle arrives on site during the day to discuss the progress of the work and then advise you of the time you can expect your vehicle back. Contact our service advisors for more details.

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Mini Repairs In Manchester

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