Get The Most Out Of Your Volkswagen Van Fleet In Manchester

If your business depends on commercial vans for its operations, your profits will suffer if you don’t manage them well. An efficient and well-maintained fleet lowers your costs, keeps your vans on the road and improves business efficiency. Poor fleet management leads to poor maintenance, high running costs and high downtime. If you have many vehicles and drivers, fleet management can be tricky.

Four Challenges Of Managing A Van Fleet

  1. Difficulty in determining when service is due

All vehicles need timely service and proper maintenance. Due to the large number of people and vehicles involved, this is difficult for commercial fleets.

Commercial vehicles tend to accumulate mileage quickly. So, service is needed well before the manufacturer’s time-based maintenance schedule. With many drivers and vehicles, it becomes difficult to identify when a vehicle is due for service.

Driving conditions of commercial vehicles may fall outside what is termed as normal usage by manufacturers. If your usage involves transporting heavy loads, towing or too much idling, your vans may need a more rigorous maintenance schedule. This further complicates fleet maintenance.

  1. Problem reporting

When you have many drivers using many vans, ownership is lacking. Problems tend to go unreported until they become serious and make life miserable for drivers. When problems are not detected and fixed in time, they become more serious and expensive to repair.

  1. Detecting performance issues

When you have many vans and drivers, poorly-performing vehicles and drivers can become difficult to spot in the crowd. Detecting poor performance is important because they directly affect your profitability. You must identify vans with low fuel economy so that the problem can be identified and fixed. Under-performing drivers can be trained to improve their performance if they are identified.

  1. Ensuring routine checks and maintenance

When done on time, routine checks help avoid breakdowns and accidents. Simple things like regular oil and tyre pressure checks are important in intensively-used vehicles. Low tyre pressures increase fuel costs, rate of tyre wear and risk of accidents. The cost of negligence can be very high.

How To Manage Your Van Fleet Well

The first thing you need is a system to monitor usage. This is necessary to keep track of usage and service requirements. Maintain vehicle records and ensure that they are updated after every trip. Have a system where drivers report odometer readings after every trip. With this system, it’s possible to detect when vehicles become due for service.

Adjust service schedules according to your usage patterns. If your vehicle needs to follow the rigorous maintenance schedule or needs some special checks, it should be communicated to the garage before service.

Make it easy and encourage drivers to report problems and unusual symptoms even if they seem minor. Problems can then be investigated and addressed quickly. Serious issues can be fixed without delay and you can keep a list of minor issues to fix during the next service. Taking the van to the garage for investigation or service should be a separate errand. So, the driver who reports an issue is not necessarily the one who gets it fixed.

If you have a large fleet, fleet-management software will make life easier. Fleet-management systems give you several benefits.

  1. Easy maintenance of vehicle records.
  2. They allow custom service schedules. You can adjust schedules according to your usage patterns.
  3. You get vehicle history at your fingertips.
  4. You get alerts when maintenance is due.
  5. You can monitor costs. The system will tell you how much each van is contributing to your profits.
  6. It helps you optimize routing to reduce mileage and fuel consumption.
  7. You can detect vehicles with low fuel economy and under-performing drivers easily.
  8. Vehicle trackers can also be installed and integrated with the system. They help detect problems such as excessive idling, rash driving and deviations from approved routes.

Having made a wise choice to invest in Volkswagen commercial vans, you need regular care, good maintenance and management to get the most out of your VW fleet. At the Volksmaster Van Centre, we maintain large commercial van fleets for a number of customers, click the following link to learn more about our fleet/lease servicing. You can learn more about our offer and view our Volkswagen van service prices. Contact us or complete the short form below and we will help you to get the most out of your vans. A high-quality fleet needs high-quality maintenance.

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