2 Signs That Your Car A/C Needs Servicing

Do you get a musty odour every time you switch on your car A/C? If you do, it’s time to get it checked. If the air conditioner takes a long time to cool your car or doesn’t cool well enough, it’s another sign that servicing is overdue. If you notice any of these symptoms, get your a/c checked and serviced at a good garage.

You Need The A/C In All Seasons

The purpose of the A/C is obvious in summers, but it also has an important role to play in cooler seasons. It removes humidity from the cabin and prevents it from condensing on the windscreen and impairing visibility. It is also responsible for keeping the car warm in winters.

How To Keep Your Car A/C In Good Condition

Run the A/C at least once a week irrespective of the weather. This reduces dust accumulation in the components, discourages microbes and keeps moving parts lubricated.

Periodic A/C service, about once in 18 months, is recommended by most manufacturers, but it is not included in periodic service schedules. The mechanic just checks whether the A/C is working.

Considering that you will be using the A/C heavily in summer, it’s best to get it serviced just before the summer season. You can also opt for it during regular car servicing.

Five Benefits Of Getting Your Car A/C Serviced

1. Better cooling

Your car a/c loses refrigerant. Typically, as much as 15% of the coolant is lost in one year. Over the years, this deficit will accumulate and cause significant reduction in performance. During service, the refrigerant pressure is checked and restored to the right levels if needed.

2. Better cabin air quality

The HVAC system contains air filters, which filter contaminants like dust, bacteria and pollen and prevent them from entering the cabin. These filters have to be checked and replaced when they get dirty. This is essential to maintain a healthy and comfortable air quality. Poor cabin air quality can cause odours, headaches, allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and can trigger asthma attacks. It may also lead to infections like Legionnaires’ disease.

3. Healthy cabin

The moisture that accumulates in the ducts and evaporators creates the right conditions for microbe growth. Microbes like bacteria and mould can grow in the evaporator. This causes that musty smell immediately after the A/C is switched on. Pathogens coming out of the A/C vents can make you sick. Regular servicing and sanitisation removes accumulated microbes and dirt from the evaporator and ensures a clean, healthy and pleasant cabin atmosphere.

4. Better fuel efficiency

If your A/C is inefficient, it has to work harder to keep your car cool. This increases your fuel consumption.

5. Increases the life of the system

Regular service ensures that everything is working well and increases the life of the components including the compressor. This will minimise the chances of a major failure and an expensive repair.

What Can You Expect During An A/C Service

1. The performance of the system will be checked.
2. Hoses and other components will be checked for leaks.
3. Refrigerant pressure will be checked and topped up if needed.
4. Filters will be checked and changed if necessary.
5. Drive belts and pulleys will be adjusted.
6. Thermostats and valves will be checked.
7. The system will be cleaned and sanitised.

Using your car during hot summers is unimaginable without good air conditioning. If you live in or around Manchester and your car A/C needs servicing, book an appointment with one of our garages in Oldham or Bury or complete the short form below. We are Volkswagen and Audi specialists , but we service all types of cars and vans. Contact us for any type of vehicle service or repairs in the Manchester area.

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